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EdgeCAM-users Group on Yahoo

Since July 14th. 2000, there has been a Free Users Group on the Internet. All parts of the users group are Free.

This group is for users and potential users of the CAD/CAM software called EdgeCAM.   The goal of this group is to distribute Free information regarding the use and potential use of EdgeCAM CAD/CAM software.   This group is not associated with EdgeCAM.   The membership and content will not be censored by EdgeCAM.

The EdgeCAM-users group isn't intended to be a support source replacing your EdgeCAM reseller. It's intended to supplement the support received from your EdgeCAM reseller. Always contact your EdgeCAM reseller for support, prior to using the EdgeCAM-users group for support issues.

The users group has: Messages posted to and from members (archived), Free files that can be downloaded, EdgeCAM associated links, chat area, photos area, database area, polls and a calendar.

The EdgeCAM-users group is a Yahoo Group. All members passwords are maintained by Yahoo. Please keep in mind members of the group are from all over the world.

NOTE: The EdgeCAM-users group Owner/Moderator can not help you with forgotten passwords.

To join the EdgeCAM-users group, follow these 4 steps. First you must first have a Yahoo account.

If you already have a Yahoo account activated, skip to step 4

  1. To Sign Up for Yahoo, click on the "Sign up now" button at this site:
                              Sign Up for a Yahoo Account 
  2. After you fill out the request to join Yahoo, an e-mail will be sent to you.

IMPORTANT: You must activate your Yahoo account through the e-mail they send you, prior to doing anything else.

  1. Once your Yahoo account is activated (only after it is activated), you can then request to join the EdgeCAM-users group. Please note in your application that you are either an EdgeCAM user or interested in EdgeCAM.
  2. To Sign Up for the EdgeCAM-users group, click on this link:
                                Join The EdgeCAM-users Group